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The Deva Vidya Centre for Traditional Siddha Medicine is the leading wellness & healing Centre of traditional siddha medicine for the whole country of India - a CAS (Council for Applied Siddha) collaborating centre for Traditional Siddha System of Medicine (TSM) in India. Deva Vidya is the biggest establishment through networks in India and abroad for treatment, research, and training in TSM. Deva Vidya organize training for Traditional Siddha Science for interested students in India and Abroad. Deva Vidya maintain good establishment in different counties like Spain, Malaysia etc.

Prem Nath .R is the Chief Consultant of Deva Vidya Group. Prem Nath belongs to an ancient traditional Siddha physician family dating around 600 years back in Kerala, India. Coming from an ancient lineage of traditional physicians and martial artists, Prem Nath is well versed in Siddhavaidyam, Marma treatments, Siddha Yogic Practices Vastu Sasthra and Astrology

Prem Nath is the Founder & Chief Consultant of ’Deva Vidya’ - Deva Vidya is a new concept developed by him to maintain and nurture youthful vigour and vibrant health in his patients which includes new approaches in blending Siddha Vaidyam with Kayakalpa treatment, yoga and Kalari. Many times his knowledge and ancient wisdom has helped patients forsaken by modern medicine. He has learned and practicing the secrete therapy method called " Panchaprana sudhi " ( 500 years back this technique was developed by his ancestors ) which is considered to remove pre-mature senility / deformation due to life style, heredity or accident.

He started learning Siddha Science since childhood under the guidance of his grandfather. Since his tender ages, Prem Nath found himself spending a good amount of his time with his ancestors, making medicines and treating patients. Now Prem Nath is one of the youngest Siddha Vaidyam practitioners in Kerala. Prem Nath has devoted a good fortune of his time to marma treatments, Kayakalpa treatments and pancha prana shuddhi techniques as well as provides consultation to patients in his clinic in Trivandrum, Kerala. He specialises in Kayakalpa Treatments

As a Center for Traditional Siddha Training, Research & Development, every year the Deva Vidya Siddha Gurukulam publishes and distributes a research journal of traditional medicine and pharmacy. Many experts and doctors from different region have participated in the international scientific conferences, workshops as well as actively carried out a great number of teaching and joint research projects abroad.


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