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Siddha Wellness Retreats

Siddha Kayakalpa and Wellness retreats

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Deva Vidya Wellness programs specialising in Detox, Spa & Yoga holiday programs on Kerala the gods own country in India. Our wellness camping centres situated on a hill overlooking panoramic views of the sea, the resort blends accommodation with a wide range of detoxification programs, spa based healing therapies, Spiritual Yoga Studio offering a wide variety of yoga classes and a spa cuisine restaurant serving healthy yet tasty meals.

With all these features, Deva Vidya caters to those seeking a journey back to balance, rejuvenation & wellness.

Deva Vidya's Mission is to help you re-fuel with good energy, exquisite nutritious cuisine and healing body therapies. Their Hope is that you will continue to lead a healthy and happy life long after your journey with us here at Deva Vidya.

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